Hawthorne AARP oversees the “OneBlood” bloodmobile which comes to the Hawthorne Clubhouse (at the flagpole) on Mondays, 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM every other month. Each blood donation from Hawthorne can save up to three lives! AARP encourages everyone to donate blood in order to help your neighbors not only in our community, but all of Florida.  The blood donated will likely be transfused to a patient within 48 to 72 hours. Because the shelf-life of blood is very short, we need to collect as often as our bodies can replenish our own supply. This is why we only donate every other month.

In 2020, Hawthorne made 90 donations of blood, helping approximately 270 people.  Over the last four years, Hawthorne has contributed 388 units of blood.

Regular donations keep the hospital’s shelves full. One in five people that enter the hospital needs blood. The need for blood never stops, so please mark your calendars to donate during our remaining 2022 Blood Drive dates.

If you have diabetes, asthma, are on blood thinners, etc., you may still be eligible to donate.  Stop by the Big Red Bus or call one of our locations to inquire about eligibility.

Each blood type has a specific type of donation need.  Inquire with a phlebotomist to find out your best way to save lives!                  

AARP is extremely proud of the volunteers who give up their time to support this wonderful project. Please consider joining your Hawthorne neighbors in donating blood.

You can sign up at the Clubhouse Information Center or walk in to give blood on the days the Big Red Bus is at Hawthorne.  Or, you can preregister using this website.  Just follow the directions below. You can view locations and schedules, including Hawthorne, of the Big Red Bus and make reservations online by going to

If you are looking for Hawthorne’s schedule, click the little bullet beside Sponsor Name/Code and in the box beside it enter 9669. If you’re looking for other donation sites, click the little bullet beside Zip Code and enter the Zip Code for the area you’re interested in donating in and the number of miles around that area you’re willing to travel. Or, download the OneBlood app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

The webpage looks like this:

Questions? For more information contact Liz Levy.