AARP Needs Volunteers

We need new volunteers to join our Chapter. Without volunteers, many of our current services might need to be scaled back. Please consider volunteering for the following positions.


Financial Advisor

This individual will assist senior Hawthorne residents with confidential reviews of their financial situation with the goal of finding additional assets that they might have to fund their current needs and activities.

This individual will also assist our senior residents in finding additional community and government resources that might be available to them, such as veteran benefits, assisted living options, and other assistance programs.

Respite Care, Visiting Neighbors, etc.

Volunteers needed to relieve care givers, visit neighbors at home, nursing homes and hospitals, picking up prescriptions, mail and newspaper, grocery shopping, light housework, sewing, baking cookies, etc.

Handy Man

Volunteers needed for light chores, such as changing light bulbs and other minor projects.

 Helping Neighbors – Yard Work

 We are looking for volunteers to help our neighbors, who, due to physical or financial limitations are not able to maintain their yard’s appearance in compliance with Hawthorne’s standards.  Residents selected for assistance is strictly confidential and volunteers who serve are anonymous.


Health Tips

We need a volunteer to submit weekly health tips for the Friday Bulletin, that will be of interest to Hawthorne residents.  This person will work with one of our Board members on a six-month rotation. 


Publicity Chairperson

Chapter 1775 is looking for a volunteer to handle the publicity for AARP Chapter 1775.  The duties include designing and producing advertising posters for special events, new programs, fund raisers, personnel needs, etc.

This individual will also collect and maintain Email addresses and send out notices of important Chapter 1775 events, such as featured speakers, blood drives, health screening, Fashion Shows, etc.

Hospitality Chairperson

AARP Chapter 1775 is seeking a volunteer to serve as the Hospitality Chairperson for our Speakers’ Program and for our Candidates Forum.

Duties include arranging for and setting up light snacks, including coffee, punch and water, for our Speakers Program at 12 PM-3 PM on the third Friday of every month from October to April.  Hawthorne sets up the Hospitality table but the volunteer(s) is responsible for setting the theme, serving food and cleanup.

Membership Chairperson

The chair should be versed in the use of Excel software to keep accurate records of membership.  At the monthly AARP Board Meeting, the Membership Chairperson will report:

  • New members since the last Board Meeting.
  • Members that have renewed their membership.
  • Provide an up-to-date accounting of our current membership numbers.
  • An accounting of our deceased members.

At least once per week, from October to May, selling AARP memberships during Ticket Sales at the Clubhouse from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.,  to those desiring to renew or purchase new memberships.

The Chair will provide to each member, either renewing or new: 

  • A refrigerator magnet, a business card, a copy of the Chapter activities, and the second page of the receipt after collecting the dues and the member filling out the information, including name, address, and email address.
  • Emails shall be tabulated so that we can send out scheduled events of Chapter activities.

If you are interested in any of these positions or would like more information, please contact George Sunday.