Community Service Connection (CSC)

Community Service Connection (CSC) recognizes that in our community there are many, many neighbors helping neighbors. Unfortunately, some residents have no one to call on.  These residents are one of the reasons CSC was established in June 2015. Seventy plus volunteers are ready, willing and able to help our Hawthorne neighbors. Our services are confidential and there is never a charge.

Hearts of Hawthorne

AARP Chapter 1775 is proud to announce our new outreach initiative, under the auspice of the Community Service Connection, Hearts of Hawthorne.   We want to stress that this is a confidential program, including the seniors we help and the AARP personnel that administer the program. 
Our mission statement, administrated by AARP Chapter 1775, will provide confidential, limited, temporary, one-time financial assistance to those senior Hawthorne residents not able to provide for their essential needs.  We will also provide suggestions and assistance for other resources both within and outside of Hawthorne. 
Some, but not all, of the items we would provide, are funds for exterior home cleaning and one-time monthly maintenance assistance. 
Items that can be provided by other AARP sources, such as food provided by Meals on Wheels, financial planning assistance, yard work, etc. would be excluded
AARP Chapter 1775 will rely on those close to the residents, such as Hawthorne Security, Zone Captains, neighbors, close friends, and of course, by the individuals in need to determine who might be eligible.

The requirements for assistance include:

  • Seniors must be full time residents. 
  • The home in Hawthorne is their primary and only home.
  • Seniors must be at least 80 years old and have been a Hawthorne resident for 2 years.
  • Exceptions:  Those residents younger than 80 years old, and/or have been a resident less than 2 years will be considered for aid with an onset of a devastating physical or mental condition, an unexpected loss of income, death of a spouse or partner, a scam or robbery, or, a catastrophic damage to their home.

Please contact the following individuals for more details:
George Sunday, President, AARP Chapter 1775
Elaine Kulick, Vice President, AARP Chapter 1775
Cherie Hillman, Treasurer, AARP Chapter 1775
Gail Fuller, Chairperson, Community Service Connection
Look for the Hearts posted in the Club House.

Emergency Team Chaplaincy Program
We are also proud to announce that your local AARP Chapter 1775 is sponsoring, under Community Service Connection, the new Emergency Team Chaplaincy Program. This program consists of Hawthorne community chaplains being on a rotating call basis to support the EMT’s when called to provide support to residents in life threating events.  It is felt that a spouse or loved one would benefit by having a chaplain comforting them while the EMT’s are performing their life saving work.  The service is non-denominational.  
For more information, call Cindy Semenik or Father David Randolph.

Additional Services
Some additional services provided by Community Service Connections to our residents include help with directory assistance for Lake County and Hawthorne, respite care (allowing time off for full time care givers).  We offer notary services, and financial reviews, helping residents review their own financial affairs, with the goal of finding additional assets that they might have to fund their current needs and activities and how to take advantage of available assistance programs.  In addition, we help residents by picking up prescriptions, newspapers and mail, running errands or doing a little grocery shopping.  We do light sewing tasks and handyman chores such as changing light bulbs. We also distribute donated grocery store gift cards.  Volunteers visit residents at home, hospital or rehab and bring cookies baked by other volunteers.  Volunteers help visually challenged residents read their mail.
We can also help you with some yard work if you have limited physical and financial resources and are unable to meet Hawthorne’s appearance standards. Residents selected for help are strictly confidential and volunteers who serve are anonymous. 
If you need assistance or would like to volunteer, please call or text our Chairperson, Gail Fuller.  If you are unable to reach Gail, please call Shirley Hurt.  For Hearts of Hawthorne assistance, contact the individuals above.  For notary service, please call Cherie Kinney for an appointment.  For grief support, please call Cindy Semenik.  For yard work, please call Father David Randolph for help.
You can also volunteer for Community Service Connection by signing our AARP Chapter 1775 Volunteer List, located on the Clubhouse Information Center.