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AARP April TV Notes 

April is Stress Awareness Month.

Being present

Time for spring cleaning starting with your closets. A messy environment can create stress. Learn about steps for decluttering and getting organized.

Learn a key mindfulness skill to combat stress. Meditation and mindfulness are really important. Breathe correctly; cultivate awareness; learn to master your emotions; learn about focusing attention and meditating; practice mindful listening for better relationships; live with a purpose.

Ready to venture out? Safely plan your road trip. Look for deals on food and lodging, keeping in mind covet cautions.

Thirteen things to throw away right now.

  • Old magazines and newspapers and things you ripped out of them
  • Keep only enough clothes to fit in your closet
  • Kitchen accessories and towels
  • Keep only things that have meaning or bring joy
  • Throw out just in case stuff
  • Duplicate, similar or blurry photos
  • Bills and statements you can get online
  • Actual trash, shred
  • Damaged items
  • Things with missing parts
  • Extras and duplicate measuring cups, sunglasses, pens, purses, wooden spoons
  • Stuff you never use: random spices, uncomfortable shoes, junk drawer, things you were given but don’t like
  • Abandon hobby stuff
  • Past phase, clothes items
  • Anything expired
  • Things that bring up bad memories
  • Clothes that don’t fit
  • Digital clutter

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